What is the Main Goal in Creating the Federal Budget?

Hello there, today I’ll be talking about the main reason the Federal budget was created. Without wasting much time, let’s roll. 

Why was the Federal Budget Created? 

The United States Constitution, the First Article’s 7th section, has congress the power to spend and raise revenue. There were about three ejected officials who presented the voters’ will. Those do not stay in offices. Congress needs to agree on where, when, and how the burden of the tax falls. It also needed to decide who received the spending benefit. This budget puts in very hard numbers on where the priorities were. The entire budget allocated funding specifically for each program and its department. 

The process of budgeting made sure every congress’s voice was heard. These provided great debating opportunities. Whenever Federal Government’s budget is followed according to plan, the entire government runs smoothly without little or no problems at hand. 

What would go wrong if the Federal Budget is not Followed 

You don’t want to run your nation like a low-income developing country, trust me. Since the year 2010, congress has followed the national federal budget only twice. Some experts argued that this budget is not workable and cannot be followed no matter how they tried. At first, they shifted the budgetary leadership burden to congress. It was not workable because the burden was too high, and congress had many other things it was handling. The congress body was not structured enough to handle a leadership role.

Secondly, it demanded coordination levels which congress was not created to catch up or meet up with. 

Third, it created deadlines that were impossible, not realistic, fake, and unattainable. 

The events which came forth from the elections at mid-term in the year 2010 supported that argument. The republicans were winners in the house as a result of the tea party movement. Democrats controlled the presidency and the senate. These republicans did not want to support the budgets, as stated by Obama. This forgot about the process of making use of the federal budget. There they used the budget as a bargaining chip to achieve all of their goals. 

My thoughts on the Main Goal in Creating the Federal Budget?

After learning what happens in low-income developing countries, I have realized that nations don’t need to create or use federal government budgets. These budgets are completely unnecessary. There should be bodies, like assigned bodies, who have roles in various ways that could help the society, the communities, states, and the country as a whole. There are different parts of the country, am I right. Why should a federal budget be created to govern and rule the entire nation? What is then the purpose of the president or the governors or the members of congress? Let’s not forget about the senators. What also happens to people, individually and specifically. What happens when the budget doesn’t touch them, and they suffer from a lack of food or clean water. Stable sources of governance are needed instead of using the federal budget, please.

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