What are Federal Block Grants?

Today I’ll be talking about federal block grants. But what are these federal block grants? Do you have any idea what they are or their use, or why the government created something like this in the first place? If you don’t, I’m here to talk about it and explain a thing or two to you. Are you ready? Let’s ride. 

Federal Block Grants Definition 

A federal block grand refers to a grant which aids different local governments or individual states from the United States. These grants are available to help in support of a variety of purpose programs. These programs include community development, public health, and social services, law enforcement. These block grants have a lower level of oversight from the federal government. They provide a high level of flexibility in different states. Especially when it comes to implementing and designing different programs, these general revenue, definite, and block grants are the three types of federal government grants which aid different programs. 

All through the block grant program provided by Medicaid, a state would get some money from the federal government. These block grants could be organized based on per capita or from the state’s needs. These states need to fill any or every funding gap if there is to be any difference between their spending and the level spent by the government of the United States of America. 

These block grants remain a debated topic in the U.S. The 2014 CRS (Congressional Research Service) has advocated and changed Medicaid to a block grant. It has also stated that these block grants help reduce the federal deficit, aids in increasing the rate of efficiency by the government, help in the redistribution of power, allow flexibility, and increase the rate of accountability. 

Different critics specifically are against changing Medicaid to a block grant. 

Why do these Critics fight against converting Medicaid to a block grant? 

These critics are wits and win against Medicaid becoming a block grant because it doesn’t profess the national government’s objectives. It doesn’t publicly announce what the government is doing to help citizens in the country. It also reduces the rate of government spending on domestic issues, for example. Vulnerable seniors or citizens suffering from disabilities and children with parents with a low income could lose all available access to health care because of the deep cuts that could go through Medicaid. Their critics state that as a result of these block grants, they remain decentralized. Because of this, it is quite challenging to measure the performance of block grants and hold local and state government officials accountable for all of their decisions. 

In the end, you now know what these federal block grants are. You also know the kinds of arguments that go around the white house. Citizens are living in the U.S are going through hell. It isn’t all rainbows and sunshine there. Here’s to hoping for the best and wishing the nation would do what is right. 

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