The Link Between Financial Health and Physical Health


Oh, trust me when I say there are a huge link and a correlation between your financial health and your physical health. That’s what this article would be discussing today. The link between these two different but quite similar health in our systems.

What is Financial Health?

Financial health refers to how you are financial. Are you rich, are you poor, do you have enough funds to live the kind of way you desire? Are you happy financially, are you in debt, do you have a lot of financial responsibilities, can you handle those responsibilities properly. And so on.

What is Physical Health?

Physical health refers to the way your body works on a good day. Is your head hurting you, are you suffering from body pain, does it feel like there’s a hole in your guy, does your knee cringe, this and a lot more could be signs that you need to check on your physical health. 

What’s the relationship between financial health and physical health.

Well, we all need to always remain focused on our well-being. It could be in the physical sense or financial sense. We could have the desire to improve the methods we make more money. We could also desire to change our lifestyle to fit the needs of our physical bodies.

What are the health impacts of your financial health and your physical health 

We all know that if you are having troubles with your finances, it would be obvious from how you are seen physically. It is not just relationships that make people look ill or feel depressed you know. People need a lot of money. Sapa ( the word used in some developing countries to explain a very high state of being broke) needs you to have a lot of money. If you do not have the amount of money to live the kind of life you desire, it would be obvious your physical body would be reacting to how your financial health is. 

You would look down, you would be sad, your countenance would be different, your mood would be off, your belly would be upset more often than not. You would want space, you would want to be alone, you wouldn’t want anyone calling you or stressing you on things that don’t include you getting a credit alert. 

What’s the Ripple Effect of A great Financial Health on the Physical Body

Oh my, if you have a lot of money, you would not get stressed by anxiety, or lack of sleep, heart problems, or high blood pressure that’s caused by an absence of money. You would not suffer from depression and other mental health issues because you’ll be a happy man once your account is happy.

So as you try to balance your physical health, don’t try to forget about your mental health. That another very important part of you that always craves balance. In essence, balance is essential. 

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Teaching Kids about Saving Money


We all know that teaching your beautiful young ones how to save us an essential aspect of securing your financial freedom and building wealth. Lots of us have learned the importance of saving funds using experience, trial and error, and watching our parents. 

This article would be talking about how you can teach the kids around you how they can save some money. Let’s carry on, shall we?

List of ways you can teach kids about Saving Money 

Start with a Piggy Bank 

This works wonders, trust me. This is an excellent way you can teach your child how to save some money. You can give them a straightforward way of doing this. The goal of making use of a Piggybank is for them to keep their coins and pillars. It would help if you illustrated that they need to keep saving till the Piggybank is complete, and there’s no more space to save anymore. Tell them the more they save, the more their money would grow.

Open up a bank account for your kids.

After they have filled their Piggy banks, take your kids to the bank and have them open a savings account. You should have them count how much funds would get deposited. Let them fully understand how much funds they have. Show them the total and then start teaching them about interest. 

Make them understand the idea of interest very well.

These days with the way the world is going, if you have kids that do not fully understand or get what interest does to them, the general aim of teaching them how to save using Piggy banks or using their bank accounts would go to waste. The general aim of saving is for your kids to grow the already saved Money into more Money. One of the ways your kids can do that is by investing in something they are passionate about. They could invest into you, their parents, into your business, and then you would pay them back using calculated interest rates. In these ways, when your kids notice that the amount of Money they are saving is increasing over time, they would want to save more because they have full-blown hopes that in the future, the amount of Money they would have would be relatively high. 

Teach them how to spend wisely 

Make sure they save up before they start spending because if they start spending from the complete amounts of their incomes, they wouldn’t want to save any amount of Money at the end of the day. Because it would be sad to save from the remnants after you have started spending from your income. Trust me. I’m speaking from experience. 

Different people have different ways they’ve learned how to save. Some people do not like the general idea of saving. They like to spend Money and consume it as soon as they get it. To be financially stable, one needs to save Money and build wealth in any way they can. 

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How to Create Financial Stability after the COVID Pandemic


The pandemic is still a horrible and grave issue in some parts of the world. Till right now, I tell you the truth. There are places, countries that are suffering from a recession that’s deepening, income losses, and surging pandemic. Latin America and the Caribbean have been facing economic and health crises, which would teat the financial systems like some modern times. The blow could get softened, though. There are central banks like ordinary banks and governments which could help in playing critical roles. These would help in providing finances that would reduce the impact on firms and families. These would also speed up the rate of recovery from businesses that went through hell during the pandemic. 

The Caribbean and Latin America had entered into the COVID era with robust frameworks related to funds. They knew for sure that the prices of goods and services would increase massively as soon as the pandemic started. Several countries introduced regimes that targeted and tried to fight inflation. They used these situations to gain flexibility in their exchange rate. As the crises continued, these financial systems remained healthy, and the banks boasted of having liquidity buffers and very high capital. 

How were these Banks Able to Maintain Independence on their Central Banks 

Maintaining these central bank independence and remaining credible was quite substantial, essential, and critical. In several countries in these regions, these central banks have reduced their interest rates and increased liquidity in their economies. This level of credibility had a severe monetary reaction to a policy that was both effective and feasible. Some of these countries tried contemplating changing their Central Bank charters. They wanted to do this because they wanted to have more flexible ways of buying private and public securities from markets that were based on primary notions. There were lots of dangers around, though. It wasn’t easy to do this. The central banks focused on granting liquidity. They avoided the monetary levels of financing fiscal deficits. They also assumed the private sector had credit risks too. There were central banks that did not weaken their independence or their balance sheets. Governments did not turn to the IMF or the MDB to get higher support levels than was needed. 

My thoughts on ways you can Create Financial Stability after the COVID Pandemic 

This article above is for the entire government to study for people like me and you, people who like to be private and personal. Proper ways that you can use to gain financial stability and live the lifestyle you deserve would be to start making money on your own. Get into businesses. Start affiliate marketing. Start freelancing. These are fantastic ways to be your boss, get your credit alerts, and gain financial stability. This would also help you expand and grow in more ways than you can imagine. It is a necessary step with which you should make use of after this pandemic. Because when the masks are off, things will get tough.

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Current U.S. Stock Market News


This article would be talking about some present United States Stock Market News. Did you hear that Apple Inc had reduced its stocks by about fifteen percent since the ending of January? Tesla Inc has also lost more than 1/3 trillion dollars from its original market value just in three weeks. More than $1.5 trillion has disappeared from the Nasdaq 100 in a period that did not reach thirty days. 

Mons of these have been able to touch any of the retail investors. 

Instead of all of that, there are Reddit phrases that describe bullish gumption. These also have hands made of diamonds. Since the market had peaked about some weeks ago, some retail traders have plowed lots of cash into the United States stocks at a forty percent rate that’s relatively higher than they did in the year 2020. This was also a record year. That was when they opted for market parts that had gone through a lot of pain. These doubled down to risky ways, which they tried to get options and tech funds. 

A year from the stock crash after the COVID pandemic and many individual traders are now making almost ¼ United States volume daily. Some of these speculative favored bets minted lots of funds, including electric stocks that had particular purposes of acquiring companies and green plays with energy—just naming some of them here, though. These could be the same type of securities that are now adding to what is known as an increase in bonds. 

Don’t forget about retail traders. Lots of them are investors that are beginners. They have held extreme dips consistently. They’re trying to do what is called the bull market. These have been happening for about ninety years. The globe is looking at the amount of money it would take for them to say, ” Hey, we’re not playing again,” even after going through a year that retail traders had more rights than wrongs. 

Looking at things through history, it has been quite a wrong signal that we’ve got investors from retail who are piling into the market to signal things from the top. This is what Arthur Hogan stated. We have a chief market strategist and National Securities Corps. We all tried to call tops in the year 2020 because of participation from retail events. They might have been wrong, though. 

My thoughts on Forex and Stock Market 

Let’s see. I am a huge fan of Tesla. Yeah, that’s the one Elon Musk owns, right? I think they’re the ones in charge of creating cars that are powered with electricity or something. I’m not so versatile on issues related to the stock market. But you can’t live in this world and not know a thing or two about the leaders in the game. The pandemic came and wanted to wreck lots of things that were not built in a day. But I have faith in these stocks, for they shall rise again. 

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The Social Security Increase for Retirees: What You Need to Know

This article is going to talk about The Social Security Increase for Retirees and all You Need to Know.

What is Social Security Increase for Retirees 

Well, Social Security Increase for Retirees refers to the process where retirees would begin to start enjoying an increase in the number of funds given to them from the amount they were getting when they were simply working in their former places of occupation. What this means is, when they had jobs or were employed, they were already getting proper okay amounts of income. But now that they are retired, they wouldn’t be so used to their pensions. This Social Security Increase for Retirees is going to help these retired workers feel better after becoming retired people. Do you get it?

List of Social Security Increase for Retirees 

  1. SSI for couple: $1,191 (+$16)
  2. SSI for an individual: $794 (+$11)
  3. Disabled worker w/ spouse, kids: $2,224 (+$29)
  4. Disabled worker: $1,277 (+$16)
  5. A widow with two kids: $3,001 (+$39)
  6. Widow or widower: $1,453 (+$19)
  7. Retired couple: $2,596 (+$33)
  8. Retired worker: $1,543 (+$20)

For a retired worker on average, they get to enjoy monthly social security benefit which would increase or rise by twenty dollars to a thousand five hundred and forty-three in January to a thousand five hundred and twenty-three in 2020. An average couple that retires typically collects benefits with an increase in payments like thirty-three dollars to two thousand and ninety-six dollars. 

Why does this Social Security Increases For Retirees 

As explained earlier, these Social Security is quite important for these Retirees. Let me use an example to explain this concluding part of this article.

For example, there’s Mr. Hinson that lives down the street. He has been an investment banker at the central bank of the country. He has been working there for about forty-five years. Then all of a sudden he gets retired. This retirement came as a surprise because off the top of his head, he thought he would still be in business or his office for more years to come. Only for him to get retired and then he started getting his pension. He was getting a very high amount of money from being an investment banker and trust me, he has already gotten used to his lifestyle. Can you imagine how heartbreaking it would be to start getting nothing but just a pension? This is why there’s now a Social Security Increase for Retirees. At least even though the increase wouldn’t be as much as his previous salary, it can come close and cut the line. Mr. Hinson would also use this increase to get other productive things to do. Instead of being at home, bored, doing nothing but annoyed he’s gotten retired and all. He could open his firm and then be happy with everything that is going on in his life.

So yeah this increase is quite important for these Retirees. Don’t you think?

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How to Claim a Dependent on Your Taxes

This article would be talking about wonderful ways you could claim a person as a dependent. Stay tuned let’s learn all that this is about. 

Why would one want to claim someone as a dependent?

If you have members that all combine to be your family. The IRS defines all these people for your income tax purposes. These are important because they could save you a lot of money. This could be very high amounts of money. For people that have tax years that are before 2018, all qualified dependents as you claim would reduce your taxable income by the number of exemptions that would be equal to four thousand and fifty dollars in the year 2017. These would all add up amounts that are substantial to the savings on your tax bills.

Exemptions by 2018

By the year 2018, these exemptions have gotten replaced by 

A standard of education that’ll increase. A Large tax credit for your kids that would be worth up to two thousand dollars per your dependent kids. There are also additional child tax credits which are all up to a thousand four hundred per qualifying child.

There are also brand new credits for other dependent children. These are all up to five hundred dollars per these qualifying dependents. Make sure you do not confuse this with the dependent care credits and the child. 

There are rules which are dependent and they apply to several other benefits too. 

These include things like Earned Income Tax credit and then the Dependent Child Care credit for expenses related to daycare. These include itemized expenses and medical deductions for several different credits that involve kids or family issues. 

These benefits could spell the differences between receiving a refund and owing money. 

Who can get qualified as a dependent?

From the rules gotten from the IRS, these qualify dependents to cover about every conceivable situation from housekeepers to offsprings that are emancipated. 

Happily, most of us enjoy living lives that are simple. There are rules which would cover just about everyone. 

There are two different types of dependents. These subjects have rules that are different. These could be a relative that qualifies and a child that qualifies. 

For both of these dependents, you need to have proper answers to the questions which would be asked to know if you could claim them properly. These questions include:

Knowing their full names, knowing when they gave birth to them, knowing who gave birth to them. Proving you are their actual guardian or parent or relative. You need to prove you need these taxes which would get reduced from you since you already have a dependent. In the end, it is quite a simple thing but you need to make sure you need to get these dependent tax funds and you would take very good care of the dependent. No one would give funds to someone that wouldn’t take care of a dependent.

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How to Spot Fake U.S. Stimulus Money Scams

The stimulus check is a one-time amount of $600 that is available to every qualified American. Although there are talks of a $2,000 stimulus check to be issued in 2021, it is still unconfirmed. The $600 stimulus check, however, has been confirmed and they will be sent to individuals who qualify and individuals who have submitted necessary information to the IRS. 

To know if you qualify for the stimulus check you can read this article. If you are qualified you can learn more about it on the official IRS website. The official IRS site is the only site linked here is the only site you should be registering any information. There are a lot of stimulus money scams going around and you must be able to avoid them. These scams will often ask for very sensitive information such as your bank account number, your social security number, and more personal information. Here are 9 ways to spot fake stimulus money scams.

  1. Unconfirmed Sources – If the information is not coming from the official IRS site linked above. The IRS has also published an article detailing how to spot these scams. You can find this article here. The IRS will never change their website or have a “secret” or “special” website for certain people. That is one of the ways by which people get scammed.
  1. Promises Quick Results – The IRS will never promise quick results or results within a day. There is an official procedure and it takes time. These scams will often promise faster results than the ones you’ll see on the official IRS website. They are scams and should not be trusted.
  1. Available to People Who Do Not Qualify – We have linked an article above that discusses who qualifies and who doesn’t qualify for the stimulus check. You must read it. If you do not qualify, any emails or text messages claiming there is a special way or a last-minute exception just for you is most likely false. Once again, all important information will always be on the IRS Website.
  1. Asks For Sensitive Information On Unconfirmed Sites – The IRS will never ask you to fill in the information on a third party website. You might need to exercise patience because the application process may be slow due to the sheer number of people trying to apply however, there should be no “alternative” website.
  1. No Text Messages – The IRS will not send you text messages asking you for any information or confirmation.
  1. Official Term – The IRS doesn’t call it the “stimulus check” but rather an “economic impact payment.” Despite this, the IRS will not send you a text. It doesn’t matter which term is adopted.
  1. No Emails – If the IRS needs to reach you they will send a physical letter delivered by the US Postal service. They do not send emails.
  1. The Stimulus Check Is Free And There Are No Refunds – The Stimulus check is free and you are not to refund the US government. It currently sits at $600 for those who earn less than $75,000 for an individual and $150,000 for a couple. There are some exceptions and you can find a detailed explanation here
  1. The Irs Doesn’t Require Tax Returns From Retirees – If you are retired the IRS will not ask for tax forms or information.
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How Old Do You Have to Be to Finance a Car ?

Financing a car can be a tough process if you don’t have the right information at hand. This article will discuss the basics of financing a car including how, where, and how old you have to be.

Now, what does it mean to finance a car? Financing a car or car finance is a term used to refer to the financial steps, products, and avenues a person may use to acquire a car. These avenues include loans, leases, or even monthly payments. We’ll discuss these avenues and outline their advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, to answer the question of how old do you have to be to finance a car. You have to be at least 18. For more information on car shopping for teens click here.

What You Need to Finance A Car

  1. Credit Score – You need a good credit score before a bank will agree to give you a loan. The problem with this is that you cannot get a credit card before the age of 18. You may not have enough time to build your credit to an acceptable score if you’re also trying to buy a car the minute you turn 18. If you’re in this situation you might want to consider lenders.
  1. Lenders – If you have a low credit score you will find a lender willing to work with your score. The problem is you will have a higher interest rate on your loan. If you have a family member with an excellent credit score you may opt for the next option.
  1. Co-signing a loan – If you apply for a bank loan with a family member who has a good credit score then your application may be accepted. The higher their credit score the lower the interest rate will be because the bank will consider this when processing the application.
  1. Special Finance Plans – If you’re a student then there’s a chance that you will get some discounts, auto-loans, or special consideration amongst certain lenders or car dealerships. Of course, this is heavily reliant on your GPA, educational record, and your income, if you have one.
  1. Local Credit Union – Local credit unions are great for people with low credit scores looking for a loan.

Which Financing Option is Best for you?

  1. Car Lease – This is when the car is leased to a person. The person doesn’t own the car and if there has been no prior agreement, the lease payments are not payments to purchase the car. When the lease is up the car will go back to its owner. This is a great short term plan. If you’re planning on moving to another state or country and do not need a car in the long term then this is a great option.
  1. Car Loan – We’ve briefly discussed car loans and where to go them however, we have not discussed the necessity of shopping around. Never accept the first loan you’re offered. Look around at other lenders, unions, and options so you can pick the best loan for you.
  1. Installment Payments – Another way to finance a car is to pay in installments. This might not be possible for everyone because you’ll need to offer a substantial down payment and a credit score that proves you can afford the installments. 
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How to Start a College Fund for Kids

Awwwwwn, kids, such beautiful and lovely creatures. I am not a dad yet; I can’t wait for that time to come. As of right now, I have my beautiful baby brother. He is so stubborn, but I love him so much. He’s a pie. This would help me write this piece. How one can start a college fund for kids? I know the parents in the building would love the presence of this piece. Let’s get started, shall we?

Ways to Start a College Fund for Kids

Know the type of college you want your kids to attend.

Like my baby brother, you have got to already know what your child can do and what they can’t do. You should already know where their hearts would want to be when they are at the age of going to college. Even though when that time comes it wouldn’t be you that would select the college they would go to. Well, all I can say is that you should have a list of colleges your child could apply to. That’s the type of school you should start saving up for.

Know the amount of funds you can accumulate.

Having full knowledge of your income: how much comes in, how much you can spend, and how much goes out. This would help you as you save for your kid’s college. Their college fund is very important. Because when it’s time for them to go to college, it would be way easier for you to pay for all their fees this way after saving properly from your income year after year.

Team up with the parents of your kids’ friends.

You’re not just the only one that’s trying to have a college fund for their kids. The parents of your kids are also saving up money. These funds are necessary, and they would help you plan and adjust the amount of money you would have to save for your child to go to a great school. You can meet the parents of the friends of your kids during their PTA meetings. Then you can get their contact and together, start saving up for your kids to all go to the same college. When your kids grow up, they would be glad they made such great friends and they would all end up going to college together.

You could start up the college fund by saving in gold.

Gold is a natural metal which has great value. It is an epic store of value, so you’re sure that if you save your funds in gold, you’re sure that when it is time for your child to go to college, there would be available funds properly ready for your child to go and stay in school. Kick some ass because funds and money wouldn’t be the problem. Remember, money is a very sensitive issue. With college funds saved in gold, you’re good to go.

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Will U.S. Tax Payers Have to Pay Back the Stimulus Package Benefits from Last Year?

The questions citizens living in the United States have been bothered about all year long. Haven’t you been worried about the pandemic, or am I forgetting something? Oh well, this article is going to try to answer this question for you. The question “Will U.S. Tax Payers Have to Pay Back the Stimulus Package Benefits from Last Year?” can be answered with the following myths that have been flowing and passing around all year long. Let’s check some of them out shall we?

Will U.S. Tax Payers Have to Pay Back the Stimulus Package Benefits from Last Year?

The First Myth

The First Myth states that the first stimulus has checks which are taxed.

What this means is that these checks have a worth of a thousand two hundred dollars for people that are getting funds of about seventy-five thousand dollars and two thousand four hundred dollars for couples that earn up to a hundred and fifty dollars. They also have five hundred dollars for people that are dependent under the age of seventeen. These are layered as refundable tax credits. These are why we have people that do not have tax returns and they do not qualify for these payments. This information was brought to you by the independent tax foundation.

The Second Myth

Would one need to pay back the first check for stimulus during the next season?

Looking and checking if all the details are correct, you would not need to pay for your check at the coming of spring.

You could gain more funds when you get your taxes for 2020 filed. These checks are all based on your 2018 and 2019 money returns. These are all 2020 tax credits. They are paid by the tax foundation. It usually turns out that you might get a large credit which is based on the adjusted gross income you have. You would also get a different one in the coming year. If the taxpayer has an income that would drop in the year 2020 then you wouldn’t be eligible for any remaining rebate credit. If they wouldn’t be able to claim to make use of their 2018 or 2019 return. This information was also brought to you by the Tax Foundation.

So there we have it. You at least have some basic information on what needs or what must be done to pay back the stimulus package benefits from Last Year. The stimulus package benefits are quite important and necessary to the Tax foundation for them to have talked about it so much using such terms too. I mean, it was quite scary writing this piece just now. You need to contact your firm or company to have a full understanding of all the words listed there. Without this, you might have to pay more funds than you accounted for. No one would like that to happen. You should do what’s necessary.

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