Online Investment Tips

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Today we will be teaching you some online Investment Tips and some lovely methods you could use to save money. Let’s begin. 

List of online investment tips and ways you could save money 

Have you tried the cookie jar method? 

Investing and saving money are highly connected. For one to invest any amount of money, you first need to have saved some up. This takes a tiny amount of time than you would think. You could save money using very few steps. 

If you have never saved money before, you could start by simply keeping ten dollars every week. This might seem very small, but you would notice that you have saved five hundred dollars over a year. 

Allow Robo Advisors to invest your money as you invest using minuscule amounts of money. 

Robo advisors have entered the scenes of investment around ten years ago. They help to make the investment very accessible and as simple as possible. You do not need to have any form of investment experience. Robo advisors take all of the guesswork when one invests. 

The work of Robo advisors starts after they ask some questions which determine your risk and goal tolerance as you invest your money into a highly diversified and meager cost portfolio of bonds and stocks. Robo advisors also use algorithms that keep rebalancing your portfolio and then optimizing everything for the payment of taxes. 

You could start investing in a stock market using small amounts of money 

When it comes to the time you need to invest in the stock market, there is always the barrier of entry. It takes a lot of money to make money right. This is why you need to be ready to save money and invest in the stock market. 

It would be best if you tried investing in the real estate market with little funds.

It would be best if you believe it or not. You do not need a high amount of money or a credit score that is so high before you can invest in real estate. There are new categories of investment that are known to be familiar with real estate crowdfunding. This makes it entirely possible for you to own fractional shares of substantial commercial properties, and you do not need to have the headache of being the landlord. Things would be easy for you. 

My Thoughts on these online Investment Tips 

There are several ways one could invest on the internet. There’s a cryptocurrency that is trending all across the world at the moment. But since you want to start small, these ideas listed above would be worth your try. You could also search for businesses on the internet. Check out the types of businesses you are interested in. Make sure these businesses are legit and let them know you would like to invest in getting profits from the business. It doesn’t matter how small your investment would be. The thing is that you still put one foot forward and invest anyways. 

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How to Build Up Your Credit if You Have No or Low Credit History

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It is Credit score time, everyone. Today we will be talking about how you can quickly build up your credit history if you have low or no credit history. Stick with this piece, and before you know it, your credit history issues will be over. Now let’s begin so you can learn how you get a better credit history. 

How you can Build Your Credit History 

You need to start up as a user that is authorized. Having a credit builder loan or a credit card which is secured is highly important. 

Building your credit could be very tricky. If you do not have a credit history, getting an apartment, credit card, or a loan would be easy. 

When you can show a little bit of history or reliable repayment method, nobody would give you credit to begin with. 

There are a variety of tools that could quickly help you establish your credit history. 

If you want to use your credit history to get a credit card, you can begin by getting either a co-signed card or a credit card. You could also ask to be on someone else’s card or to be an authorized user. 

If you desire to build credit without using a credit card, you could try making use of a credit builder loan. You could also try securing a co-signed loan. There are various ways you could use utility payments and phone and rent payments to build your credit history. Some of these methods are free, while others would cost you a fee here and there. 

We would talk about ways you could build your credit history and use it to get a good credit score. 

List of ways to build your credit history

It would be best if you tried getting a secure credit card 

Using a secure credit card, whenever you make of it, and then you pay back all the credit you owe on time, you would keep on gathering your credit history as time goes on. 

You could get a secured loan or a credit-builder 

This way, you make use of a loan that is secure, and then after you are done making use of it, you pay the funds before the date that was assigned to the secured loan that was given to you. 

Have you tried making use of a co-signer? 

A co-signer would quickly help you increase your credit score. Make sure the co-signer you make use of has a high credit score too. This way, you would be better recognized whenever you want to do anything associated with your credit history.

You can quickly get credit for the bills that you pay 

Getting credit for the bills you pay is relatively easy if we do say so ourselves. Make use of all the expenses you have been paying for some time. That is pretty much all you need, and before you know it, you would have a great credit score.

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How Extreme Couponing Can Save You Hundreds on Your Grocery Bill


What if you can save hundreds or even thousands each month on your grocery bill?

Extreme couponing is one way to increase your cash flow dramatically. It’s the best way to cut down your grocery bill and pay off debt faster. But how do you know if extreme couponing is right for you? There are plenty of ways to cut costs and speed up your money management, but one way that doesn’t get talked about a lot is Extreme Couponing. Extreme couponing is a tactic used by people to increase the value of their coupons dramatically.

How to save money by extreme-couponing your groceries

An extreme couponer is just a patient person who is willing to work through trial and error to learn how to maximize their savings. Extreme couponers use store policies to their advantage. They know how to stack coupons on BOGO sales, and different stores have different deals and restrictions. Extreme couponers are always familiar with the current sales because they love saving money.

  1. Collect Coupon Values, Deals, And Discount Codes

Coupons are like cash. To maximize savings, collect various coupons, like percent-off coupons, cash rebates, and manufacturer coupons. Then, mix and match them when shopping to get the maximum amount of savings.

Places You Can Get Coupons:

  • Watching Sales Ads.
  • Joining Loyalty Programs like Publix, Wegmans, Meijer.
  • Checking Online Coupons Website like, Lozo, RetailMeNot.
  • Mobile Coupons Apps.
  • Manufacturers Coupons
  • Getting from Groceries Stores.
  1. Get Organized for Less Money

Coupon organization is essential if you want to save a lot of money on groceries. It’s a good idea to learn all you can at first. Don’t try so many different strategies that you don’t understand how anything works well enough to apply it successfully. Just choose one way to organize your coupons that you feel comfortable with and make sure that you’ll stick to it.

How To Get Your Coupons Organised:

  • Using a Coupon Binder
  • Making use of a Digital Coupon Storage
  1. Go Shopping And Save

The first time you go extreme couponing, you’ll want to stick with small deals, so that you’re not overwhelmed by the process. Once you’ve become familiar with the process, you’ll be able to start using multiple coupons per trip.

Here are some suggestions of things that you can do to prepare for extreme couponing:

  • Check Coupon Store Policies
  • Set Price Limits
  • Stack your Coupons
  1. Storing your coupons on a budget

When you’re a beginner at couponing, it can be tempting to buy the latest and greatest gadget just because it’s on sale. But if you keep putting off buying something that will serve as a permanent addition to your collection, you’ll be regretting it one day soon. So save your pennies (and occasionally cents) and make a purposeful investment in yourself as you learn about the values of savings and debt.

Final Words

There is no shortcut. It will take a lot of time and effort to learn how to do extreme couponing well. However, you can use the money you save to pay off debts, spend more time at home, start investing, etc.

Also, the nature of extreme coupons generally means that you will be accumulating a lot of daily necessities and food. This means that you can use your powerful skills with newly discovered coupons to benefit others by donating to charities such as local food banks, women’s and homeless shelters, and animal shelters.

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Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

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With the holiday season approaching rapidly this year, the pressure is to find the perfect gift for someone at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, with the economy being the way it is these days, families are pretty much on a budget with their gifts. This article is all about budget gift ideas that you could get for your loved ones. It’s a very cool little list that would make it easier to plan your holiday shopping this year. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some fantastic gifts from budget-friendly places.

  1. Zum Bag Assorted Blends

The Zum Assorted Blend Bag is one of the best holiday gift ideas to give if you are looking to get many Zum products in one go! This fabulous bag includes travel size and TSA-compliant assorted blends of mini Zum Oil, Body, Mist, Wash, Kiss Stick, Tub, Bars, and Rub.

  1. Plant Therapy Holiday Season Synergy Blend

Nothing conjures up warm memories of the holidays like certain familiar smells. These aromas evoke traditions and create a festive mood. This holiday season essential oil blend is made with 100% pure plant oils and can be diffused all over the home to spread holiday cheer or used for homemade festive holiday gifts such potpourri as or wax melts.

  1. Zum Yule Goat’s Milk Soap Bar Spiced Almond

If you’re surveying an exceptional gift for the ones you love, try Zum Spiced Almond Zum Yule Bar Soap. This hand & body soap is handcrafted with essential oils and goat’s milk. It brings holiday vibe sweetly sweeten things with a big blast of audacity from all-out almond plus a smidge of clove & fir-needle.

  1. Aloha Bay Holiday Spice Coconut Wax Candle

If you’re searching for some ideas for your next holiday or in preparation for the upcoming holiday season, here are some ideas to get you started. Aloha Bay Holiday Spice Coconut Wax Candle These delicious little pieces look like little holiday favors. These adorable small pieces will warm your heart when you open them and are sure to bring a smile to your face. They’re filled with natural spices that are sure to get your wife, husband, or best friend hooked. They’re great for adding to your morning ritual or taking on a casual afternoon stroll with friends. They’re also delicious enough to leave an impression on people who may not usually enjoy sweet treats.

  1. Earth Mama Organics (A Little Something for Mama-To-Be Organic Gift Set)

A little something for moms and mama’s is always appreciated on the anniversary or holiday seasons. Earth Mama Organic Gift Set is a five-piece set that includes travel sizes of the following: Ginger Fresh Deodorant, Morning Wellness Castile Body Wash, Belly Butter, and Belly Oil in a reusable, non-toxic, zero-PVC plastic zipper pouch.

When you’re matched with the perfect present, it feels like a dream come true. You can’t stop smiling and are in endless joy. Why is that? Because you have found someone who puts their needs first and wants to make you happy. The present doesn’t have to be expensive, and it shouldn’t require some hard pulls on your heartstrings. Finding the perfect gift for someone is all about giving happiness without strings attached and expecting nothing in return.

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Money is an essential part of our everyday lives as it helps us buy or purchase items we need and want such as food, clothes, property, medications, electronics. It also aids us further our education. With that been said, it is important to save money for us not to run short of it preventing us from obtaining the various things it can get us. However, there are so many ways that have been provided for us to help us save  money and these include:


It is primarily important to have a budget when saving. This helps us prioritize level of spending allowing you to strike a balance between your spending and saving level throughout the year.

You can keep tabs on your spending by regularly checking your credit card statements, bills, bank statements, and receipts. It is very important to notice if you’re spending more than you earn as that could be a problem. Once you notice this is happening, you should know that it’s time to cut back on some excesses. While making a budget it is very important to needs before wants and sees the need to cut back on some excess wants in order to save money. It is also advisable to renew or update your budget list at least once a year or as frequently as you can depending on the crucial change in circumstances. For example, losing a job or having a baby.


Spending money on a lot of little things can do as much damage as spending money on big things. Both have their costly effect on your finances and this can get you into money trouble. Because of this, it is therefore essential for you to keep a day to day track on your spending in order for you not to go beyond what you earn. You bank statements help you keep tabs on your spending by telling you how much money comes in and goes out of your bank account. With this information, you can then compare it with your budget so you would know whether you’re going off track or not. You can then know or identify where you can cut down on your excesses and then save.


A savings account is an account where you can put all the amount of left over income after paying necessary personal things such as taxes. A savings account helps you to curtail any unnecessary spending or any temptation to spend out of your budget. By restricting access to your money, savings account can give you a higher interest rate than a basic transaction account.


Technology has made it very easy for you to go into excessive spending these days providing us with credit cards, ATMs and online shopping. This gives room for you to spend more on your wants rather than your needs. It makes it very easy for you to yield to temptations and reducing the ability to show self-control. Having a constant show of self-control or self-discipline when spending gives you room to save more as you wouldn’t see the need to spend excessively on wants especially rather than needs. Whenever you feel the need to spend more on wants, it is advisable for you to to wait at least a day or two before you buy it. This might help the urge disappear.

These are essential and very helpful ways to help you save money at any given time.

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A few months ago, Congress passed a COVID stimulus plan which entails that any parent with a child under the age of 17, may be qualified for a child tax credit from the IRS. Credit will usually come in form of a direct deposit for a lot of people but the IRS provides tools that can be used online for other people.

The IRS states that, people  who did not file for tax return for 2019 or the year 2020 and those who also did not use the IRS Non-filer tool 2020 to register for Economic Impact Payments, are qualified to use this tool. This tool will allow them to give their needed information details, their qualifying children’s age which is 17 and under, and their direct deposit bank information to make it easier and faster for the IRS to deposit the payments directly into their savings account.

The moment the IRS processes their 2019 or 2020 tax returns, eligibility for advance payments  will be determined by the details or information provided.

In order for families to earn tax credits and other tax benefits, they should avoid using this tool.

Filing for a regular tax return should be their better option.

Here are some other things you need to know:

  • The American Rescue Plan Act, which was legislated in March, expanded and provided a newly-advanceable child tax credit.
  • The IRS usually calculates a person’s payment based on his or her tax returns which includes those individuals who use the Non-filer Sign up tool. The IRS will normally determine the initial amount of payment using the information or details entered using the Non-filer tool that was available last year (2020) if the return has not yet been filed or is still processing.
  • Each child under the age of 6 will be issued a payment up to $300 every month and a payment of up to $250 every month will be issued for each child from the age of 6 through 17.
  • These payments will be issued by direct deposit by the IRS so far as the information or details provided to the IRS is correct.

A lot of families are already signed up for the child tax credits. Whether you signed up or registered with the Non-filer tool in 2020, or you’ve filed for 2019 or 2020 tax returns, you will for sure get the monthly child tax credit automatically without having to sign up or take any other action. In addition to this process, individuals are also eligible to application for recovery rebate credit, also known as stimulus payment. Having at least one qualifying child, earning less than $24,800 as a married couple, you are allowed to use the Non-filer sign up tool provided by the IRS in order to get the child tax credit and get missing stimulus payments.

The list of things needed for you to complete this process include:

  • You are required to have or obtain Social Security numbers for your child or children. And also for you and your spouse.
  • A reliable mailing address is also required
  • You also need an E-mail address
  • Your bank account information or details should be given correctly if you are receiving your payment using direct deposit.
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What’s a Ponzi Scheme? (And Other Financial Scams to Avoid)


Financial scams have only gotten more subtle in the last decades. The most popular examples – the Ponzi scheme and the Pyramid scheme are still happening to date. This is because fraudsters find new ways to keep these fraudulent schemes afloat even when they’re against the law. In this article, we’ll be talking about Ponzi schemes and providing a list of financial scams to avoid at all costs.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraud that often proposes an investment opportunity. They offer unrealistic promises and ROIs (return on investments) within a short time by paying earlier investors with the money from more recent investors. This scheme will often masquerade as a business opportunity for some hidden, untapped well of gold. They will often act as though there is legitimacy and actual business activities going on; however, all the funds are most likely funds received from unknowing investors.

A Pyramid scheme is also a financial scam to avoid. This scheme is quite similar to the Ponzi scheme, except there is the presence of products. A pyramid scheme is a model of business that masquerades as a business with a distributorship program. The real profit, however, comes from convincing other people to register and pay to become distributors themselves.

Some other Financial Scams to Avoid

  1. Advance Fee Schemes – This occurs when a person promises to give you a product of greater value worth more than the funds you will provide. They often end up paying little to nothing in return to the victim.
  1. Charity and Disaster Fraud – In times like these, many fraudsters are masquerading as charity companies. It is important to only donate to credible sources.
  1. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs – Under-the-counter drug sales are often fraudulent, with either the victim being scammed or the drug is hazardous and unsafe.
  1. Credit Card Fraud – This is when a credit card is used without permission. Unauthorized use of debit/credit cards has been used to steal money, assets, and even property.
  1. Illegal Sports Betting – Illegal sports betting happens at underground clubs or events where a lot of money is placed on the results of sporting events. Because these events are so secretive, there is little to no official security which makes it dangerous.
  1. Internet Auction Fraud – Internet auctions can be extremely fraudulent. If you are not sure of the source and the product, it is better to avoid them.
  1. Investment Frauds – Investment frauds are quite similar to Ponzi schemes; however, they can come in several forms. If you’re being coerced into an investment, ensure that the claims being made are true and not false.
  1. Money Mules – A money mule is someone who moves money, usually physically or via internet banking, from one person to another. If the money is stolen or gotten via fraudulent activities, being a money mule can be a criminal offense. If a person you hardly know asks you to hold a large amount of money for them, always ask questions.

The FBI has compiled a list of common scams and crimes to be aware of. If you would like to read the full list, please click here.

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How to Choose an Investment Brokerage


Choosing an investment brokerage is a step that must be taken cautiously. In this article, we’ll be sharing how to choose an investment brokerage.

Before we begin with this article, it is important to define some terms that you will be seeing in the article. A brokerage can be defined as a company or business that purchases and sells goods, assets, and stocks for its clients. It is the business of being a broker. A broker can be a person or a firm that finds excellent deals (whether to sell or buy) for a client and then arranges a safe transaction between the parties for a fee or a commission. Most brokers charge a certain percentage instead of a flat-rate fee. You can review the broker as the middle person between the buyer and the seller. A brokerage account is an account specifically for investments.

Although you are allowed to withdraw money from that account, it is safer to reserve that money for investments. Investments can be stocks, mutual funds, bonds, or ETFs. Your brokerage account holds your funds, and yes, the cash in it belongs to you. However, you may not be able to access your brokerage cash immediately because it could be sitting in stocks or mutual funds. To access it, you’d have to sell your stocks or mutual funds. We hope this has provided you with an adequate and clear explanation.

If you’re interested in investments but do not have much time or knowledge on the field, you can hire the services of a brokerage (a company of brokers). Now, how do you choose an investment brokerage or broker? Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Ask Trusted Friends and Family – The first place to begin is to ask your friends and family. If you have a trusted friend or family member that regularly invests, you should ask them about their broker. This is one of the safest ways to find an investment brokerage. Also, if you’re the sort of person who prefers seeing your broker physically, you’d be better off following this option. A brokerage recommended to you by trusted friends and family will be closer to your location.
  1. Ask Yourself A Few Questions – If you don’t know a broker personally before you start searching for one, understand what your needs are. There are certain kinds of stocks you should be purchasing at different levels of your life. The younger you are, the more risks you can take; once you get closer to retirement, you’ll want to focus on low-risk investments such as mutual funds.
  1. Find the Brokerage that matches your needs – Now that you’re fully aware of the kind of investments you’ll be dabbling in, it’s time to find an investor. You’ll need to narrow the field and know the brokerage firms that focus on the sort of investments you want. If you’re nearing retirement, you can ask your colleagues at work and scrutinize the options.
  1. Look for Security – When you find your options, you’ll need to search for the following. Any brokerage you select must be on the SIPC website as a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. They must also be a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. You can click here to ensure they are registered. Their checking, savings, and deposit products should be covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and they should have an insurance plan available for their customers.

For more information, please click here.

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How People with No Credit or Low Credit Can Improve Their Credit Scores


You can improve your credit score by following a few simple steps. Your credit card score is a number that estimates the owner’s (of the card) financial decisions. A credit card score will show the creditworthiness of an owner. The credit card score is usually a number between 300-850. 300 to 629 is regarded as a bad credit score, 630-689 is regarded as a fair credit score, 690-719 is regarded as a good credit score, and finally, 720-850 is regarded as an excellent credit score.

Your credit card score is extremely important because it can determine if you get an apartment, if you can purchase a car and if you can apply for a loan. Your credit card score can keep you from getting a great (annual percentage rate) APR. For those who are unaware, your APR includes your interest rate and the cost of procuring the loan.

In these unprecedented times, many people need money to get back on their feet or meet up with their bills. Unfortunately, they may have a bad credit score, or they may be unwilling to get another credit card. Bad credit scores are not always a result of poor spending. Sometimes a bad credit score is a result of short credit history or financial mistakes. In this article, we’ll be sharing how people with no credit or low credit can improve their credit scores.

  1. Build Your Credit File –  Your credit file is a file that contains your credit history. By building a file and having a long history, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your credit score. You can do this by opening accounts that will be reported to the top credit bureaus. If you have several accounts open and are active on them, you’ll be able to show that you are a good borrower who can pay back loans.
  1. Don’t Skip Payments – To build your credit score, you’ll need to have consistently paid on time. Don’t skip your payments, no matter how tempting it may be. If you have payments to make, ensure you make them at the right time. If you miss your loan or credit card payments by over a month, you might get reported to the credit bureaus, which will reduce the credit score you’ve worked so hard to increase. You should also make frequent payments.
  1. Use a Credit Builder Credit Card – A credit builder credit card is a card that is made to help people with no credit or people with low credit. You can apply for a credit builder credit card if your income isn’t high enough for the credit card you prefer. You can apply for a credit builder credit card if you have a poor credit score, and you can apply for a credit builder credit card if you’ve never had a credit card before.

Credit builder cards will offer you a low credit limit; however, they also have a high (Annual Percentage Rate) APR. Your APR will get lower in time as long as you’re making your payments on time. Good handling of your credit builder card will help you improve your credit score and can also help you increase your low credit limit. Some credit builder cards are the  Nexo Card, the Gemini Credit Card, and the Bitpanda Visa Card.

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Tips on Saving for Retirement


Hello everyone. I’m sure today you’ll want to learn about wonderful tips on saving funds for retirement. Well, who’s the best person to ask on how you could plan for retirement than people that are retired. I’m also one of the best people to ask cause my dad has been retired since 2005 and he’s living his life as a very happy man. So come on, get on, giddy up, let’s ride. 

How you can Save Properly for Retirement 

You need to check up on your investments before you retire.

The funds that are needed five to ten years after you retire are highly vulnerable. Make sure you don’t overspend. If those funds get lost, it is very difficult to get them back over time. You need to look out for investments that have income sources that you could easily predict. You need to know that if an income source is predictable, the return would be lower. 

You need to know that inflation occurs naturally 

Rising prices and inflation could chew away at all of your retirement. As you plan to retire, make sure you assume for a fact that prices would rise. Don’t stop planning for this. 

You need to talk to your partner about how you’ll spend after retirement 

Your latter needs to know all of your plans. You need to be open with them. If both of you are on the same page, just the way couples talk about buying a new house or a new car when they are working. It’ll end up being a great habit/character to talk to your partner about retirement financial plans too. 

Don’t forget about your physical health 

Some seconds ago I wrote an article about the link between your financial health and your physical health. Make sure that you take very good care of yourself physically. It is someone alive that can talk about plans for retirement you know. 

You know the costs of health care are quite much. You need to remain fit today so when you’re tired, your fitness would carry on. The costs for health care are usually overlooked by retirees. This still makes things spin out of control whenever issues related to health come alone. You should always think about the projections assigned to your physical health needs. 

You need to create a retirement budget and make sure you always follow it.

This is a great way to plan for your life after retirement. For you to know how much you spend. A lot of people never care about the amount of money they spend when they retire. If you need some assistance starting, you could converse with one of our investment professionals. Several people have stated they could calculate their spendings done by the year after retirement. You could join them you know. 

So there we have it. Using the tips I mentioned above, you can properly save for retirement. Enjoy!

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